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CTIA Wireless 2012 Roundup:
The Big Picture
| May 16, 2012
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Featured Speakers
Avi Greengart Avi Greengart
Research Director,
Consumer Devices
Wes Henderek Wes Henderek
Principal Analyst,
Consumer Services
Kathryn Weldon Kathryn Weldon
Principal Analyst,
Enterprise Mobility
Lynnette Luna Lynnette Luna
Senior Analyst,
Mobile Ecosystems
Moderated by Peter Jarich, Director, Service Provider Infrastructure

CTIA’s spring convention and trade show has traditionally lived in the shadow of February’s Mobile World Congress; falling so close to what has become the world’s premier mobile event, it’s often been positioned as focused on North America or news that vendors had to hold back from Mobile World Congress. Pushed out to May this year, the hope is that vendors, operators and attendees alike will have recovered sufficiently to show up in force at CTIA Wireless with significant innovations and renewed energy.

To underestimate the importance of CTIA, however, is a mistake. In past years, it was the venue where AT&T announced its planned acquisition of T-Mobile USA and took its femtocell service national. It’s where Samsung revealed newfound infrastructure momentum, selling LTE kit into MetroPCS. It’s where Sprint moved forward on innovations like 3D handsets and the integration of Google Voice. It’s where device makers have launched flagship devices including the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Evo 4G.

In short, CTIA Wireless stands on its own as an event that helps to telegraph the direction of the entire mobile industry. Even if it comes with a bias towards North America, it’s an event whose reverberations can be felt throughout the world…and throughout the rest of the year.

In its latest Webinar, Current Analysis delivers a recap of the biggest news coming out of CTIA Wireless 2012 along with the implications of this news and the trends it illustrates. Building on our analysis from the event and dozens upon dozens of operator and vendor engagements, some of the questions our panel of analysts will address include:

  • How did the mobile device landscape evolve?
  • What were operators (carriers) at the show to talk about?
  • What about the mobile enterprise and B2B services like M2M?
  • With North America leading the world in terms of LTE ecosystem development, what did CTIA Wireless tell us about 4G services, applications and networks?
  • Could CTIA Wireless possibly introduce any infrastructure innovation we did not see at MWC?
  • With the three biggest mobile events of the year behind us (CES, Mobile World Congress and CTIA), what does the broader mobile landscape look like for 2012?

Whether or not you are going to CTIA Wireless in New Orleans, join us for this topical Webinar to get a broader view of its significance and understand how the trends it revealed will impact you and your customers.

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