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Interop Las Vegas 2012 Roundup
| May 16, 2012
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Featured Speakers
Jerry Caron Andrew Braunberg Mike Spanbauer
J. Caron A. Braunberg M. Spanbauer
Jerry Caron, Senior Vice President, Analysis
Andrew Braunberg, Research Director, Enterprise
Networks and Security
Mike Spanbauer, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Networking
and Data Center Technology

Interop has long been the biggest network technologies tradeshow globally. Though Interop is held in multiple locations, the spring Interop show in Las Vegas remains the biggest and most attended draw of the circuit. As businesses are loosening purse strings and committing to larger and larger budgets, this Interop brought more buyers than last year’s – which was a remarkably well attended show compared to the past few years.

At Interop, many vendors launch big products and solutions, and technology trends often emerge. With several analysts in attendance, Current Analysis will discuss topics that cover many of the biggest players in the network technology space such as:

  • Where are software defined networks today?
  • What are the hottest trends in data center fabrics?
  • What about the mobile enterprise and B2B services like M2M?
  • Does WAN optimization have a bright future?
  • What is the latest in the WLAN space?
  • What are network vendors doing to address the MDM need?
  • With 2012 nearly half over, what can we expect in the second half?

Did you make it to Las Vegas for the show? Great; join us for a broader view of its significance. Did you miss out on Interop this year? No worries; join us for view from the ground. Wherever you were during Interop Las Vegas 2012, join us for the opportunity to put the event into context and understand how the trends revealed will impact you and your customers.

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