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How the Cloud Is – and Isn’t – Changing IT
| Nov 7, 2012
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Sandra O'Boyle, Service Director, Business Network
and IT Services
Amy Larsen DeCarlo, Principal Analyst, Security
and Data Center Services

After years of hype and the attendant backlash that are a normal part of any major technology shift, the industry is approaching a turning point in the cloud. Maturing technologies, broader acceptance of a new IT consumption model, and acute budgetary pressures are driving organizations to explore cloud use for much more than just the tactical applications that have dominated most early deployments. The coming change could mark a fundamental transformation to the IT organization. However there are many steps to take before the industry approaches broad-based cloud use to support core business operations.

Recent Current Analysis research shows enterprises are moving forward into the cloud, though some fundamental concerns still need to be addressed. Join us for a discussion in which we will analyze new Current Analysis survey information on enterprise cloud adoption to provide a unique window on the state of enterprise cloud market today and adoption trends in the near term. We will share Current Analysis’ perspective on:

  • What is driving the enterprise move to the cloud and what obstacles could potentially stall adoption
  • How the cloud is changing the technology consumption model and the role of the IT organization in the enterprise
  • What partners and service providers are being considered for cloud solutions

Join Sandra O'Boyle, Current Analysis Service Director for Business Network and IT Services, and Amy Larsen DeCarlo, Current Analysis Principal Analyst for Security and Data Center Services, for a session designed to offer both providers and enterprises actionable intelligence they can use to make strategic decisions as they move forward with their respective cloud investments.

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