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Win Small, Win Big:
Comparing Telco, MSO, and CLEC Strategies
in the Small Business Market
| Jul 20, 2010 | Small Business Services - U.S.
| Analysts: Larry Hettick, Research Director, Consumer Services,
and Bruce McGregor, Senior Analyst, Small Business Services

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This presentation is an in depth discussion on the nuances of selling to small businesses an array of voice, data and video services. Sometimes viewed as illusive, small business owners can be tougher to market to compared with consumers and large enterprises. Part of the issue is the diversity of small businesses ranging from a one person operation to companies with up to 100 employees. Vital to all these businesses is quality communication and data services in order to keep in contact with their customers and increase productivity. Top attributes businesses are looking for in a service provider is the balance between affordability and reliability.

The incumbent phone providers, most prominently AT&T and Verizon, have been historically most trusted by small businesses. Moving forward, the loyalty to these incumbent providers will be tested by growing competition and emerging new technologies. ILECs face a growing threat as their base of voice access lines dwindle and must look towards the opportunities of gaining ground in the small business segment as means to boost revenues. The nation’s top cable operators have all pledged to take a more aggressive stance in selling business services and they are starting to show signs of momentum. CLECs are merging together to be stronger competitors such as the planned linkage of Speakeasy, MegaPath and Covad.

Current Analysis analysts, Larry Hettick and Bruce McGregor, evaluate the U.S. providers trying to grow their base of small business customers. The three types of providers (ILEC, CLEC and MSO) are examined with insights on their moves in the last six months to attract more small business customers. Each of these types of providers has their own unique advantages at winning more customers. The backgrounds of these companies exposes their advantages and flaws in developing better small business packages of wireline voice, faster broadband speeds and properly applying video to business settings.


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