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Service Enablement Ecosystem
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Nov 14
Nokia revamped its NetGuard Security Management Center to better assess and prevent network attacks including new IoT threats. The company will now need to weave its endpoint security offerings into a more comprehensive end-to-end proposition.

Nov 1
TCS unveiled its approach to agile software development, requiring a dramatic break from traditional software development (especially in budgeting and scoping), but it must hone its portfolio and marketing in persuading telcos to heed the message.

Oct 26
Openet’s new Forge platform aims at breaking down operator silos and accelerating digital transformation by mining cloud, microservices, and DevOps capabilities. Those are crucial building blocks, but Openet faces a sea of competition.

Oct 25
Nokia introduced its Smart Plan Suite, augmenting its monetization portfolio and aiming to reduce operator barriers to monetizing digital services, but driving DevOps and continuous software update models is a formidable challenge.

Oct 23
ZTE launched its Digital-Ops solution at the ZTE Global User Congress, aimed at reducing barriers to operator digital transformation, but key portfolio and investment return details are missing and ZTEsoft’s role, if any, is unclear.

Oct 6
Centina Systems is making inroads in the service assurance space with top-tier operator wins and expansion in three regions, demonstrating portfolio differentiation and competitiveness as an independent, but operator automation challenges await.

Oct 5
Nokia added augmented intelligence to its Analytics Services, including six new use cases designed to harvest greater value from operator data. The company hopes specific quantifiable benefits will help ease operator concerns over automation.

Oct 2
Oracle’s Live Experience Cloud platform enables digital customer engagement solutions as well as improving the overall customer experience, but operator organizational and cultural barriers threaten rapid adoption.

Sep 28
Ericsson unveiled its Continuous Delivery and Development program delivering regular software updates to telecom node equipment, promising cost savings and software deployment gains, but it faces differentiation challenges among rival models.

Sep 28
Huawei and Infosys have signed an agreement to develop IT and software talent at Huawei’ Global Training Center, further confirmation that customers demand more software expertise in areas like agile development and DevOps, but details are scant.

Sep 19
Amdocs unveiled its Smartbot solution, combining its aia intelligence platform with Microsoft Cognitive Services, targeting operator digital self-service care and engagement applications, but the mainstream readiness of smartbots is unsettled.

Sep 11
Huawei has recruited six software partners to target cloud-enabled BSS, analytics, and mobile payments applications, focusing more on operator digital priorities, but the marketing case for another digital ecosystem alliance is weak.

Sep 8
Alibaba and ZTEsoft generated high-profile speculation during summer 2017 that Alibaba allegedly was prepared to acquire ZTEsoft for ~$440 million. Alibaba’s targeting of telco software assets and operations portends a new competitive landscape.

Aug 17
NB-IoT and LTE-M are the cellular operators’ newest weapons in the push to “own” the Internet of Things. Neither technology is likely to generate significant revenue growth for operators until the “value” question is solved.

Jun 30
Netrounds and Cisco expand their relationship to target growing operator demand for orchestrated assurance, but both companies need to prove they can meet the full range of operator automated assurance demands and accelerate adoption.

Jun 30
Nokia completes its acquisition of Comptel, providing momentum and market validation in the bid to build its standalone software business, but must counter the digital transformation moves made by rivals since the acquisition’s announcement.

Jun 29
ZTE launched its Carrier DevOps 2.0 solution at MWC Shanghai using Docker container capabilities to enable customized 5G network slicing applications, but ZTE needs to address services and licensing aspects to spur operator adoption.

Jun 28
Witbe launched its new cloud-based OTT video monitoring solution, delivered through its Galilei reference network using multiple points of presence globally, but faces near-term operator resistance to third-party cloud implementations.

Jun 27
ZTEsoft unveiled its ZSmart 9 BSS offering aimed at driving operator digital transformation with new capabilities, like continuous billing and parallel software releases, but it’s missing key pieces to solve the digital transformation puzzle.

Jun 22
Sandvine unveiled enhancements to its Business Intelligence portfolio, including upgrades to its Network Demographics and Network Analytics products, but expanding the portfolio to include capabilities like hybrid management apps is more critical.

Jun 21
Nokia launched its Nokia Autonomous Customer Care solution aimed at improving operator digital customer care efficiency using interactive bot technology, but Nokia must ensure the new bots are ready for prime time to avoid adoption fallout.

Jun 20
HP Enterprise launched artificial intelligence and high-performance computing solutions aimed at delivering swifter, more efficient business insights while boosting security, although digital transformation benefits need more ecosystem support.

Jun 12
The 2017 TM Forum Live! centered around digital transformation, with a host of vendors and operators touting their digital plans. The challenge facing operators is committing to transformation before digital competition overwhelms adaptation.


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